Wave #

Mission Type

Conditions Enemy Units Strategy Guides
1 Defend Storms Skeleton Warriors Link
2 Defend Dusk Skeleton ArchersSkeleton Warriors Link
3 Defend Clear Goblin Warriors, Skeleton Warriors, a couple of Skeleton Shield Bearers towards the end Link
4 Defend Clear Skeleton Archers, Skeleton Warriors, First encounter with Ghouls at the beginning Link
5 Defend Night Skeleton Archers, Skeleton Warriors and First encounter with Executioners Link
6 Defend and Siege Storms Skeleton Warriors, First encounter with Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Shield Bearer Link
7 Defend Clear Skeleton Archers, Skeleton Shield Bearers, Ghouls, First encounter with Skeleton Longbow Link
8 Defend Storms Skeleton Shield Bearers, First encounter with Tomb Ghouls and Hammer Knight Link
9 Defend and Siege Storms Goblin Warriors, Skeleton Archer (On Wall), First encounter with Orc Warrior, Orc Archer and Musketeer (On Wall) Link
10 Defend Storms

Skeleton Warrior, Executioner, First encounter with Skeleton Captain

11 Defend Clear Hammer Knights, First encounter with Mummies, Cultists, Wraiths, Link
12 Defend Night Ghouls, First encounter with Goblin Bomber and Goblin Shaman Link
13 Defend Storms Goblin Warrior, Goblin Shaman, First encounter with Leopard Spiders and Spiders Link
14 Defend Storms Skeleton Shield Bearers, Skeleton Archer, First encounter with Mummy Chargers, Burrow Spider, Link
15 Defend & Siege Dusk Orc Warriors, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Mad Doc, Bone Giant, Goblin Alchemist (Wall) Link
16 Defend Night Goblin Warrior, Goblin Bomber, First encounter with Goblin Sneaker and Goblin Sapper Link
17 Defend Dusk Mummies, Cultist, Ghouls and First encounter with Mummy Pharaoh and Catapult Link
18 Defend Clear Skeleton Runner, Skeleton knight, Executioner, Skeleton Captain, Bone Giant Link
19 Defend Goblin Rockets, Goblins, Goblin Engineers, Goblin Mad Doc, Goblins musketeers, spiders, Leopard Spiders, Link
20 Defend Goblin Mad Doc, Orc Shaman, Orc Warrior, Orc Chieftain Link
21 Defend and Siege Wraith, Cultists, skeleton archers, Link
22 Defend Skeleton Archers,Necromancer, Bone Giant, Skeleton Warrior, Executioner Link
23 Defend Clear Skeleton Charger, Mummy, Mummy Charger, Seige Mummy, Mummy Pharaoh, First Encounter with Mummy Tomb Lord Link
24 Link
25 Link
26 Link
27 Link
28 Link
29 Defend and Siege Link
30 Defend Clear Trolls, Mummy Pharoahs, Mad Docs, Catapults, Mummy Chargers, Wraiths, Skeleton Knights, Orc Chieftans Link
31 Link
32 Defend Dusk Orc Siege Hammerer, Orc Savage, Orc Archer, Orc Elite Link
33 Link
34 Link
35 Link
36 Link
37 Link
38 Link
39 Link
40 Defend Clear Orc Savage, Orc Elite, Orc Rider,Orc Siege Hammerer, Ghoul, Ghoul Overseer,Tomb Ghoul, First Encounter with Orc Veteran Rider Link
41 Defend and Siege Storms Skeleton Runners, Mummy Chargers, Musketeers, Goblin Alchemists (Wall) Link
42 Defend Night Ghosts, Bone Giants, Necromancers Link
43 Defend Dusk Goblin Miners, Goblin Sneakers, Goblin Clubbers, Goblin Blunderbusses, Musketeers, Goblin Shield Bearers, Goblin Armorers Link
44 Defend Clear Executioners, Skeleton Swordsmen, Skeleton Captains Link
45 Defend Storms Goblin Siege Bows, Skeleton Archers, Goblin Sappers, Goblin Armorers, Goblin Engineers, Orc Savages, First encounter with Goblin Siege Bombers Link
46 Defend Clear Skeleton Knights, Goblin Shield Bearers, Hammer Knights, Mummy Giants, Skeleton Long Bows, Siege Trolls Link
47 Defend Storms Skeleton Longbows, Goblin Blunderbusses, Cultists, Goblin Berzerkers, Tomb Ghouls, Goblin Siege Bombers, Skeleton Swordsmen Link
48 Defend and Siege Clear Leopard Spiders, Heavy Gunners (Ground & Wall), Spiders, Burrow Spiders, Giant Spiders Link
49 Defend Clear Goblin Siege Bows, Orc Archers, Goblin Warriors, Orc Shamen, Goblin Armorers, Goblin Sappers, Orc Siege Hammerers, Orc Chieftains Link
50 Defend Night Ghoul Overseer, Orc Savages, Skeleton Swordsmen, Ghouls, Goblin Alchemists, Goblin Berzerkers, Liche, Mummy Chargers, Orc Rider Veteran Link