No siege
a) Sometimes I wonder if a life like this is even worth living anymore...
b) Bless the Fell Crystal, we're spared!
c) Do you know my brother? He's a soldier defending the castle... I hope he's okay!
d) I'm grateful for what you've done...
e) Many fled before they came. There's not many of us left...
f) It's only a matter of time until they attack again, isn't it?
g) Thank you for saving us!
h) Bless the King, he hasn't forgotten about his people!
i) Hmph - it's about time.
j) There's so few of us now... but, we'll survive!
k) My son... have you seen my son?
l) I wonder what it must be like to stay inside the castle - they must not fear anything!
Under siege
a) Please, save us!
b) I can hear their drums... protect us great Fell Crystal!
c) Are they coming again - so soon?
d) Can you really stop them this time?
e) Why would the great Fell Crystal allow this to happen to us!?
f) They're almost upon us!

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