iOS version historyEdit

Version Release date Updates
1.0.1 May 13th 2015 game released
1.0.2 June 5th 2015

• Tons of bug/crash fixes • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to freeze during battle

• Fixed several multiplayer sync errors

• Fixed a bug with huge amount of Trolls spawning on Wave 30

• Added new campaign Waves (and some new enemies) - we'll add more regularly!

• Added new PvP only unit: War Bannerman - reduces enemy hero damage to your units while the War Bannerman is alive

• Greatly improved weapon balance across rarities and weapon types (improving lackluster higher tier weapons)

• Better chance to craft better equipment as you progress through the game • Tons of hero skill and stat balancing

• Level balancing and tweaks

• Enemy and unit balancing

• Elf Assassin is now a counter to enemy magic units (goblin/orc shaman, necromancer, etc)

• Fixed all known exploits • Fixed auto aim with longer ranged weapons

• Fixed sound stopping after a phone call

• You can now see how many of each unit you have on the battlefield by tapping the population counts in the upper right

• Fixed a scenario where lands could permanently get harder if you kept losing castle defense waves

• Improved run animations

• Improved general hit detection, especially when very close to enemies

• Fixed slowdown associated with Plague Mummies

• Improved MFi controller stability

• Tweaked endless balance to ramp up significantly faster

• Capped reset skill cost to 30

• Enemies are stronger after completing the game

• There will always be at least one attack on your lands after beating the game

• Heroes can’t hurt the keep in versus mode with arrows until a wall is down

• You can no longer push Bannermen

Android version historyEdit

Version Release date Updates
June 12th 2015 game released