Wave # Dialogue

a) I can hear them gathering in the distance...

b) Please... save us, champion!

c) We can push them back, can't we!


a) I can't imagine being stuck out there, cut off from the King's aid...

b) Thank you for protecting us - we owe you our lives!

c) It must've been a difficult journey, but you cannot imagine how thankful we are you're here!

3 My family hasn't slept for weeks... people around here have barely said a word...will things ever get back to normal?
4 Where do all these foul beasts come from, anyway? Thank goodness for our allies, or else I'm not sure we'd be able to stop them!
5 The night battles are perhaps the worst... you can only hear the cries ofbattle. In the morning, the field is stained in blood.
6 Is it true that they're gathering right outside our walls - that they've built an outpost right next to us!?
7 Are the rumors true? They say those like you are special, able to draw power from the Fell Crystal. The mages have this gift as well.
8 They say there have been many who have been consumed by the power of the Fell Crystal. While it grants those lucky few power, those who cannot handle it are said to go mad.
9 I've heard tales from the castle servants about the Mages. They draw their power from the Fell Crystal, summoning powerful magic to push back the undead hordes. Their numbers are said to be dwindling, as thetoll from the process is often too much to bear!
10 Some say the King hides underground... I wouldn't dare speak a word against him, but the people need him now!
11 There are whispers about the King... about his cowardice. Who will lead us with the King nowhere to be seen?
12 They say the undead have been around for centuries. The only hope we have left are of the legends of Hinton, once said to have long ago destroyed the scourge.
13 Have you heard the tales of the Emperor of Hinton? Even nearing death, he was able to push back and destroy the enemy!
14 I wonder how much longer we can just stand here and wait for them... shouldn't we be trying to attack their stronghold? Do they even have a stronghold!? Someone must be responsible for this, right?
15 The fear in that scout's eyes... the whole castle could hear his ramblings and screaming about the giant robed creature in the North... what does it all mean!?
16 Everyone seems to be talking about this Noter Kah mage today... supposedly an ancient wizard who found the first Fell Crystal. They say it was too much power for such a great wizard, causing him to go mad. They say his body was mutilated, but that he still lives to this day.
17 Could Noter Kah be real? If he is as powerful as they say, perhaps he could be responsible for an attack like this... they do say after all that his one goal has been to absorb all of the remaining Fell Crystal shards! What do you think?
18 Could it be possible that Noter Kah is alive today? With as much power as they say he obtained... it worries me to think that about a being that powerful wandering around.
19 The King has dissapeared when the people need him the most! They say he once was a great warrior, but I can't even imagine a time that could be true. I know things are difficult with the enemy upon us, but his people need him now more than ever!
20 Could the King really be going mad? He is our King after all... he is supposed to be strong for us! How can we respect a King that isn't even here!?

I heard there once were hundreds of Fell Crystals... they say they came from the sky, scattering across the lands. There's just a few remaining now... Supposedly powerful beings long ago destroyed most of them in order to absorb their power.

22 It's okay to admit you don't fight for the King... no one holds it against you. We are just glad you are here. The fact that you still fight means you believe there is still hope!
23 The only way to end this will be to attack the enemy at their stronghold! I heard our Mages tirelessly exhaust themselves trying to locate it... Will we have enough men by then to even mount an attack?
24 There must be a powerful magic use in the North if the rumors of a second Fell Crystal are true... who could be strong enough to summon this kind of dark magic?
25 Their attacks are just getting stronger, aren't they?
26 The King left - is he really gone!? He is supposed to lead us! We can't stay here any longer now, can we!?
27 This is the end isn't it... with the King gone and all? Will the army still stay and fight to protect us?
28 Is it true? Did the King really mount an attack on the enemy's castle!? After all this time... the King really does still have the same courage he always had.

a) The entire nation weeps for the King... he truly was a great man.

b) The King's name and his deeds will never be forgotten!

c) All hail the King!


a) Could the war really be coming to an end? They say these attacks have been the worst, perhaps out of desperation?

b) Is it true what they are saying... that we have a chance to win this war?

c) Are they really on the brink of defeat? I heard that the mage has said this could be their final attack on our castle!


a) I got my first night of rest in weeks... I know it's not over, but things are different now.

b) Thank you for what you've done... truly, thank you.

c) Everyone is rejoicing, but my family is lost... I'm not sure I wouldn't rather be dead and with them.