• Impossible to beat wave 18 right now

    I thought maybe I'll have some fun and do more of the outposts. I'm at 48% and wanted to go a bit further and unlock some stuff because it's fun to have more stuff to use in these battles, plus I need crystals. But the game will not allow me to do this.

    3-4 outposts will be under attack, my castle will only give me 1 or 2 days at the most before I have to go back to insta-surrender, then the outposts under attack get stronger. Worst part is that the outpost will say 8/20 difficulty or 10/20 and be nearly impossible to beat with enemy units that I've never seen and are entirely too strong for anything I have.

    I realize they are trying to force people to buy crystals but I'm just not interested. I already paid for the game so I'm not giving them any more money unless they fix the game up a bit.

    Is there any reasonable way around this or do I just have to hack the game in order to play it properly?

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