• First of all, thank you for this wiki, it is quite helpful. I love this game and I finished it with a human mix and an elf ranger. I am trying to build a dwarf gunner, but it seems I don't really get into it.

    I would love to have a good multiplayer in this game. In my experience, although there are still some connection issues (30% of the games) and there are not many players online, the multiplayer seem to be playable now. And it is fun!

    However, I would love for the developers to explore and expand the multiplayer possibilities, as it is quite limited right now.

    1) The Coop is always the same level and I have never survived more that 7 minutes after the update (probably my fault). Endless is great, but why do not let us play the already existing waves in multiplayer?. I think it would be great 30 minutes on a row playing waves 30 to 35 in coop.

    2) The PvP mode is also fun, but the differences in level makes it boring. When I use my endgame characters with great stuff, it is boring for me and unfair for them against new players (most of them, in my experience). Even when I use my "in development" level 14 character is unfair because I have all my preferred units maximized at level 5. I would prefer that there was a proportional penalization in damage for higher level players and that all units have the same level in PvP.

    3) It would be amazing to have some kind of tournaments, either in Coop or in PvP. Developers could get some cash into the game and it would keep the game interesting a bit longer (would love to compete for some good legendary stuff).

    Are you guys using the multiplayer?

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