• Can provide allied dwarves extra damage.
  • Can protect himself from non-magic and magic damage.
  • Can apply random perks to himself.
  • Can stack numerous skills to deal out massive Damage. 
Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Rune of Protection +2 ARM, +1 DEF +2 ARM, +1 DEF 10 1
I Hammersmith

Two-handed hammers deal +2 extra damage

+2 DMG 5 1
I Runic Curse

Hiting an enemy lowers their armor by 15 for 30s

+15 ARM, +10s 5 1
I Lightning Rune When hitting an enemy, there is a 5% chance that lightning strikes nearby, dealing 40 damage to enemies in the area +5% chance, +40 DMG 3 1
I Tremor 30 Mana - Nearby units are sent flying into the air, taking 25 damage and getting stunned for 8s +25 DMG, +3s 5 1
II Counter Spell +10 Magic defense +15 magic DEF 3 1
II Fire Rune 5% chance to send out a burning line of fire when attacking, dealing 40 damage to enemies +5% chance, 40 DMG 3 1
II Hammer Smash When attacking with a two-handed hammer and a full stamina bar, the attack will do +10% extra damage with +100 force +10% DMG, +100 force 5 1
II Rune Crafting Activate one of the following runes at random at the start of the battle: (1) +5 DEF, (2) +5 DMG, (3) buildings get +5 armor (1)+5 DEF, (2) +3 DMG, (3) +5 building ARM 3 1
II Forge 20 Mana - Stack +15 DEF and +25% DMG every 10s over the next 40s. After the duration is over, these bonuses end -2s/ -1.3s/ -1s/ -0.7s 5 1
III Healing Rune Everytime the hero kills an enemy, a nearby allied unit is healed +20 health +20 HP 4 1
III Magic Channel Magic attacks have a +15% chance to heal the hero rather than damage +15% chance 3 1
III Rune Anvil When equipped with an anvil, nearby allied units get +20% damage +20% DMG 3 2
III Hammer Blow While eqipped armor, standing still charges up power that is released on the hero's next normal attack (fully charged after 5s, max of 25% damage and +100 force +50% DMG, +100 force 5 1
III Steadfast Defense 15 Mana - Nearby allies get +30 defense, deal 300% damage on their next attack and cannot move for 30s. The units can move again after the duration is over or after attacking +30 DEF, +300% DMG 3 1
IV Dwarven Inscription Dwarven allied units get +10% damage +10% DMG 3 1
IV Iron Strength Two-handed weapons can be wielded at full strength with one hand / 1 3
IV Shield Forge When equipped with a shield, the hero gets +5 extra armor +5 ARM 3 1
IV Ice Rune 5% chance to unleash ice crystals when attacking, dealing 30 damage to enemies and stunning for 5s +5% chance, +30 DMG 3 1
IV Rune Inscription 60 Mana - The hero gets a random level 1-3 Perk applied to him that lasts the remainder of the battle / 1 5

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