Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Swift

+5 Stamina

+5 STA 10 1
I Camouflage

+10% chance to dodge ranged attacks

+10% chance 5 1
I Sniper

Bows deal +2 extra damage

+2 DMG

5 1
I Quickness

Dashing has a 10% chance to use 0 stamina

+10% chance 5 1
I Cutting Arrows 30 Mana - While using a bow, attacks for the next 10s travel straight and go trough enemies +10s 4 1
II Precision Aim Bows will deal more damage the further away the target is (max of +50% damage) +50% DMG 3 1
II No Mercy

Deal +6 bonus damage to stunned enemies

+6 DMG 5 1
II Poison Tip

15% chance to hit enemies, dealing 2 damage/sec for 15s

+15% chance, +1 DMG/s 3 1
II Sharpened Arrows Bows have 15% chance to cause enemies bleed for 4s. Bleeding reduces damage and speed +4s 3 1
II Sniper Shot 50 Mana - Fires a straight shooting sniper shot with the equipped bow that deals 1000% damage +500% DMG 5 1
III Critical

+50% Critical Damage

+50% 3 1
III Conditioning

While standing still, stamina recovers 15% faster

+15% faster 5 1
III Evasive Arrow Bows will hit with +750 force when hitting close enemies / 1 2
III Nature's Touch Enemies hit have a 15% chance to be marked for 5s. If killed while the mark is active, they will explode and turn into a snare trap, which will then activate and hurt nearby enemies (explosion deals 50 damage, snare trap deals 20 damage) +5s, +30 explosion DMG, +10 snare trap DMG 5 1
III Elven Arrows 30 Mana - Allied units that use a bow shoot 50% faster and get +50 armor piercing for 30s +25% faster, + 15 AP 4 1
IV Brambles

10% chance to slow a hit enemy by 25% for 5s, 10% chance to stun a hit enemy for 1.5s

+10% chance, +25% slow down, +1.5s 3 1
IV Triple Shot

Bows have a 5% chance to shoot three arrows instead of one

+5% chance 3 1
IV Nimble +4% chance to dodge enemy attacks. When dodging, time slows down for everyone but heroes for a short period of time +4% chance 5 1
IV Forest Magic Stand still for 3 consecutive seconds with a bow to charge up your next arrow, which will explode on impact in a 120 radius +40 radius 3 1
IV Barrage 40 Mana - Fires an arrow with the equipped bow that deals 200% damage. After landing, a barrage of 10 arrows will land all around the ending point +100% DMG 4 1

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