There are 3 playable races to choose from:

  • Human


  • Elf
  • Dwarf


Skills Edit

Each race has its own skill tree.

Attributes Edit



Base attributes:

Human Elf Dwarf
Max. Health 150 90 100
Damage 20 20 25
Armor Piercing 0 0 0
Critical 0% 0% 0%
Weapon Skill 5 20 15
Defense 0 0 10
Armor 0 0 0
Dodge 0% 0% 0%
Max. Stamina 100 125 100
Stamina Regeneration 20/s 25/s 17/s
Block Time 1.2s 1.2s 1.2s

Movement Edit

There are quite significant differences in movement speed between the races. Walking and running speed of humans is 20%* faster than those of the dwarves. Elves are even faster - they outrun dwarves by 30%*.

Races also vary in attack speed and attack combos.

**estimated values

Equipment Edit

Every race can equip any weapon and any shield. Armor pieces are, however, race specific. They can be identified by the prefix of the race infront of the armor's name. Runes are also equipable for every race and generally provide passive buffs, like extra walls hp regen, and more starting command points.