Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Mana

+5 mana

+5 Mana 10 1
I Staff Prowess Staffs deal +2 extra damage +2 DMG 5 1
I Magi-Blood Attacks of the hero have 10% chance to be magic based and deal 10 magic damage in an area +5% chance, +10 DMG 3 1
I Arcane Magic 5 Mana - Nearby allies each take 10 damage. The hero then recovers 30% of the total damage as mana +30% recovery 3 1
I Fire Blast 40 Mana - Shoot a fireball that homes in on an enemy in front, burning the enemy with 15 damage/second for 10s +10 DMG/s 5 1
II Mana Marker Enemies have a 3% chance to spawn with a Mana Marker, which lasts for 30s. When they take damage while marked, 5% of that damage is given to the hero as mana +3% chance, +5% mana 3 1
II Unstable Magic Whenever casting a Mage spell, there is a 100% chance to emit a powerful knocking blast that deals 35 damage to nearby enemies +35 DMG 5 1
II Uninhibited Magic The less armor the hero has, the less mana other Mage spells use (-15% mana use at zero armor) -10% mana use 3 1
II Silence

25% chance that enemies can't attack for 5s

+5s 3 1
II Ice Shards 60 Mana - The hero raises ice crystals all around dealing 50 damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 4s. +50 DMG, +2s 4 1
III Shimmer Dashing instantly teleports, unleashing a knocking blast of enerygy at the end of the teleport / 1 2
III Mana Channel While standing still, regen mana 10% faster +10% faster 5 1
III Magic Blast Standing still charges up a magic blast that is released on the hero's next attack. The strength of the blast is based on the length of the charge (max of 150 damage) +50 DMG 5 1
III Overlord Enemies hit by regular attacks have a 25% chance to be marked with magic, taking 15% more damage from magic attacks for 10s +5% DMG, +5s 3 1
III Lightning Storm 50 Mana - Lightning bolts randomly strike around the hero, each one dealing 200 damage +100 DMG 3 1
IV Mana Save 20% chance to revive and teleport out of battle, converting remaining mana into health +7% chance 5 3/1/1/1/1
IV Higher Learning 15% chance to have a Mage spell use 0 mana when cast +5% chance 5 1
IV Lightning Block Blocking with a staff has a 25% chance to send down lightning on enemies that are blocked, dealing 10 damage and reducing armor for 5s +15% chance, + 10 DMG, +5s 5 1
IV Black Hole 40 Mana - Summons a black hole in front of the hero that lasts for 30s. Enemies walking trough have a 20% chance per second to be sent back to their starting location, while weaker enemies also have a chance to be killed outright +30s 3 1
IV Time Shift 30 Mana - Time slows down for nearby enemies for 10s +10s 3 1

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