Has a High Damage Stat ( SwordMaster, Knightly Training, Offensive Shield; Charge and Power Swipe)

High Armor, Block Time, excelling in Melee Combat

At High Level, Will Bolster nearby Units with Additional Damage

Player with this attribute is mostly a risktaker, reckless & must consider having AP and HP attribute Improvements

Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description at level 1 Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Knightly Training +2 damage +2 DMG 10 1
I Counter Attack The next attack after a block (within 1s) does +40% damage and 100+ force +15% DMG, +100 force 5 1
I First Strike

The first hit on an enemy does +10% damage and stuns for 2s

+10% DMG, +1s stun 3 1
I Swordmaster

Swords deal +2 extra damage

+2 DMG 5 1
I Sword Strike 20 Mana - Perform an attack that cuts trough all enemies in front, piercing trough armor, dealing 250% damage +50% DMG 5 1
II Leadership

7% chance for new units to spawn with a Captain

+2% chance 5 1
II Heavy Armor

Sets of armor give +15% extra armor

+5% ARM 3 1
II Shield Prowess Shields give +25% extra block time +25% BLK 5 1
II Adrenaline When dropping below 25% health, time slows down for everyone but heroes for 10 seconds +3s 5 1
II Juggernaut 60 Mana - The hero will take no damage for 10s, afterwards emitting a large knocking blast +5s 3 1
III Revenge

10% chance to knock back attacking enemies and damage them by 40

+15 DMG 5 1
III Offensive Shield Shields give +2 damage when equipped +2 DMG 5 1
III Charge The next attack after running for 1s (within 1s of ending the run) does +20% damage +20% DMG 3 1
III Parry

Gives an extra 5% chance to block melee attacks

+5% chance 3 1
III Taunt

40 Mana - The hero takes -50% damage and nearby enemies will target the hero

-15% DMG 3 1
VI Valor

Take 35% less damage when under 25% health

+15% DMG 4 1
VI Power Swipe

The final hit of a combo does an extra +15% damage

+15% DMG 4 1
VI Into The Fray While equipped with a shield, the hero will block enemy attacks from the front while running / 1 3
VI Bolster Every unit death nearby buffs all other nearby units with +10% damage for 20s +20s 3 1
VI Valiant Charge 60 Mana - Charge in a straight line, piercing through armor and dealing 500% damage to enemies in the way. Additionally, any enemy hit will bleed, reducing damage and speed for 15s +200% DMG 3 1

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