The Grandmaster is an Elf, is proficient with any melee weapon, most efficient in handling fast attacking weapons(preferbably dual emerald blades) and can dish out EXTREMELY HIGH damage with a spear.

A Grandmaster with a blend of camouflage from ranger skill is effective in battle

A Grandmaster with a Dryad/ Root/ Strangled Vine from Druid skill can protect himself/ heal/ Slow heavy units as they approach the castle/outpost in defense mode.

At low level, able to cut through blocks and pierce through armored units, can slow down time with either passive defensive or active skill and has a chance to automatically block attacks.

Mid level, he has two weapon skill for a greater chance to block attacks and chance to regain mana each kill

High Level, he can reduce the HP of any opponent(percentage based), disarm units, chain damaging magic and chance to instantly kill weak opponents

Grandmasters are powerful and almost unmatched in a melee engangement. Grandmaster players should attack opponents that are either alone or placed in a small group. Grandmasters, though powerful in a melee engangement, should be cautious about archers especially if there holding dual emerald blades or spears as they dont have a shield.

note: swords are not recommended for this classes because even though they are descent, grandmasters are better with a spear( for high damage) and by dual wielding emerald swords (rapid attack speed).

Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Weapon Master

+1 WS, +1 DMG, +1 AP, -1 HP

+1 WS, +1 DMG, +1 AP, -1 HP 10 1
I Quickstrike 25% chance to cut through blocking enemies and deal +5 damage. Additionally, you will no longer get knocked back when blocking enemies +25% chance, +5 DMG 3 1
I Offensive Stance After the block bar is full for 10s, get +7% damage and +5 armor piercing +7% DMG, +5 AP  3 1
I Cleave

10% chance to cut through armor and defense of an enemy

+10% chance 5 1
I Hightened Senses 50 Mana - Time slows down by 80% for everyone but the heroes for 5s +3s 5 1
II Battlefield Awareness 15% chance to automatically block melee attacks from the back +15% chance 3 1
II Counter Blow The next attack after a block (within 2s) does +50% damage and +100 force +25% DMG, +100 force 5 1
II Weakspot

For each armor point an enemy has, deal +0.5 bonus damage

/ 1 3
II Greater Weapon Skill Gives an extra 5% chance to block melee attacks +5% chance 5 1
II Guillotine 50 Mana - Sends a slash of energy forward going trough enemies and dealing 300% damage. Enemies with less than 400 max health have a 10% chance to be instantly killed +200 DMG, +10% chance 5 1
III Charge Attack The next attack after running for 2s (within 2s of ending the run)  does +20% damage and +50 force +20% DMG, +50 force 5 1
III Backstab When attacking an enemy's back with a melee weapon, deal +5 damage +5 DMG 3 1
III Mana Channel 15% chance to recover 5 mana per kill +5 mana 3 1
III Master Parry When succesfully blocking an attack without a shield, there's a 30% chance that time slows down for everyone but heroes for 3s +10% chance 3 1
III Incapacitate 25 Mana - Perform an attack that deals 150% damage and stuns one enemy for 8s +50% DMG, +3s 3 1
IV Elven Magic Stands still for 3 consecutive seconds to charge a ranged blast that will be unleashed on your next attack that does 40 damage +40 DMG 5 1
IV Warlock Blast Each hit on an enemy has a 5% chance to chain a damaging magic to nearby enemies +5% chance 5 1
IV Disarm 15% chance that enemies hit can't attack for 5s +3s 5 1
IV Rending Blow Each hit has a 5% chance to instantly kill an enemy that has less than 300 max health +5% chance, +100 HP 3 1
IV Omega Cut 40 Mana - Peform an attack that damages one enemy by 50% of its current health +15% of current HP 3 1