Wave # Dialogue

a) Thank the Fell Crystal!

b) The Great Crystal will protect us!

c) Only the believers will be saved!

2 I do not fear death, for the Fell Crystal will determine who will live...
3 I have no fear, for fear is a thing of the unfaithful.
4 If you're a heretic, you deserve what's coming!
5 Perhaps this scourge is punishment for the unbelievers.
6 The commonfolk have brought the scourge upon us... they didn't have faith in the Fell Crystal and judgement has come!
7 I can feel the power coursing trough my veins... has the great Fell Crystal chosen me!?
8 If more people were believers, we wouldn't be in this situation... Praise the Fell Crystal!
9 Those who say they use the Fell Crystal for its power don't know the first thing about it... beware the liars!
10 The King has not been annointed by the Great Crystal - that is why he hides in darkness.
11 Perhaps we need a new leader to push ths courge back... perhaps the Fell Crystal will finally choose our savior!?
12 Praise the Fell Crystal... let its glory was over us!
13 I can't imagine a time without the Fell Crystals... what hope would we have!?
14 Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't just let them in... perhaps it is a test of faith?
15 Hail. Hail. Hail.
16 Yes, I know the legend of Noter Kah. Many around here believe him to be a saint. One of the original disciples of the Fell Crystal!
17 Do not let them speak ill of Noter Kah... he is a true believer!
18 We don't worship Noter Kah - that is reserved only for the great Fell Crystal - but we do honor him as the first disiple.
19 The King cowers because he was never ordained by the Fell Crystal... how can you be strong without faith?
20 Blessed be those that are faithful, for they will inheret the glories of the Fell Crystal.

All Fell Crystals are linked together by the same glorious power... and that power surges in all of us - if you pay attention to it.

22 The Fell Crystal has perhaps lashed out and struck the King down for his wavering faith...
23 The Mages must be careful with the power they seek from the Fell Crystal...
24 What one does with a Fell Crystal's power is never wrong - if it is allowed, then there must be a reason for it.
25 Le the scourge come... they wil lcleanse this place... the Great Fell Crystal deems it so.
26 Only fools put their faith in a mere mortal like the King... only the Fell Crystal can save us now.
27 Praise the Fell Crystal!
28 Blasphemy! To ever damage any Fell Crystal is pure blasphemy!

a) The Fell Crystal has punished the unbeliever...

b) The King has suffered a fate that was deserved!

c) It shouldn't come as a surprise that the King has fallen, for he was a betrayer!


a) Those who harm the Fell Crystal will be damned for all eternity...

b) You fools... destroying a Fell Crystal... there will be no worse offense.


a) Give up your soul to the Fell Crystal and you will be rewarded for eternity!

b) The Fell Crystal will punish those who have defiled it!

c) People are rejoicing, but for what?! The broken Fell Crystal will come back to haunt us all...